Third Time ch 6

ch 6B: They play frogs

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The Price of Fame (TB 80-81)

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Third Time ch. 7

ch 7A: Urban legends

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Power (TB pp. 86-87)

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Third Time ch. 8

ch. 8A: Resistance!

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*click here to read about the resistance movement in Belgium:

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ch. 8B: Love thy neighbour

*click here to read about Father Kolbe:

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The Last Letter Home (TB pp. 88-89)

*click here to read more about Rupert Brooke´poem "The Soldier"

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A Christmas Story (TB pp.90-91)

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Churchills speeches:

*click here to listen to  Churchill´s "I have nothing to offer you..."

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Fun Games

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Vi ses när skolan börjar i höst!

Ha ett bra sommarlov!

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