Limerick 2010

"There was a grey frog
whose friend was a little frog.
The frog was green
the dog was mean
and the dog and the frog called Dr. Schmog."


"Once upon a time
there was a great crime,
and great it was,
almost as great as my frog,
but was all a lie or just a pie."


"There was a yellow horse
he ran into many doors
the door was flat
the horse had a hat
and the horse and the doors went to many shores"


"There was a sweet little flower
which wanted very much power.
He took a stick
and made a trick
Poff the sweet little flower was sour"


"There was a rasta man
and he ran from the poice, man,
when they took him to the police house
the rasta man became a mouse
because he had seen the police beat the old man.


"Once upon a time a dog
was deeply in love with a frog
the frog was green
the frog was the dog´s dream
a day later they tried to snog"


"There was a little black cat
he was sick and maybe fat.
He ate bad fish
that he thought was quiche
and then he turned into a rat"


"There was a yong girl named Olivia,
she had a farm in Bolivia.
And she had a cow,
it´s here right now
But the cow had disgusting salivia"


"There was a young girl from Peru
she had a girl called Puh.
They walked on the wstreet
with shoes on their feet
The dog suddenly said "Muh""


"There was a young man called Sam
he likes to eat nice ham
he ate it once
the he shot with guns
and ate some more ham with bam."


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